Intellectual Output 2

Training models for the use of 3D printing technologies in prison


The second IO offers the definition of the whole training process, indispensable to implement productive activities with the use of 3D printers.


With the Training Models published it will be possible:

  • To make available to the educational institutions inside prisons, and the external institutions working with ex-prisoners, all the necessary information to prepare the educators to the development of training paths for the use of 3D printing technologies (training of instructors);
  • To assemble in a usable product all the necessary information to set up, from a technological standpoint, a 3D laboratory.
  • To initiate training paths directed at prisoners for the roles required by the specific professionalisation and based on the OI framework, with different specialised courses, depending on the level of previously acquired knowledge/experience with ICT technologies, and on the established training target.


The innovation for IO2 is to implant these training paths in the penitentiary system, looking for the training specificities caused by both the type of receivers (prisoners) and the objectively difficult conditions resulting from the operative environment in which to experiment (the prisons)


For this IO2 as well, the impact could be maximum on a European level