Intellectual Output 1

Competence framework for 3D printing in jail


The main innovative element of IO1 is to entail professionalizing competencies on the use of 3D printing technologies in the learning context of people with fewer opportunities because of their status of prisoners, ex-prisoners or subjected to alternative measures to detention.

It is innovative because – in a pioneering way in Europe – it puts the basis to frame this kind of competencies in relation with restricted people, in the context of prison security, and it challenges penitentiary administrations to innovate their procedures and conditions to use even more ICT technologies inside their structures. It also poses prisons’ educational systems before the challenge to include these specific competencies in the educational experience of the inmates.


As a result, the O1 could be immediately incorporated by every European organization working with actual, semi- or ex-prisoners to include in their territories and contexts similar paths to those that will be experimented here; it will be useful as well to international organizations who deal with rehabilitation and professional reintegration of prisoners, in order to update and expand the range of competencies that could be inserted in the already existing educative formal paths.


For the realization of this IO, we will have as a reference point for the professional competence framework, what is already indicated in: ESCO – European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations, and also in European Union Open Data Portal.